Corrugated Packaging Design & Engineering

Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM Capabilities)

There’s a lot to consider when developing an effective package or display product. Not only are our corrugated packaging, wooden crates, and displays meant to protect items, they are also designed and produced for sales purposes. Our designers and engineers work with you to consider options and consequences like what the package or display will hold, how it will be transported, transportation hazards, manufacturing/assembly issues, marketing concerns, adherence to federal regulations, environmental and/or disposal issues, costs and timing. From the initial sketch and mock up to the creation of the 3D rendering and testing of the package or display, our years of specialized training and on-the-job experience position Abbott-Action’s engineers and structural designers at the top of their profession and bring an unmatched level of expertise to your project.


Testing the feasibility, size, structure, accuracy, or design of a corrugated package or display is best done before production begins. We strive to produce the highest-quality products as we know your specified order will become vital retail packaging, POP displays, or even polyethylene foam protective packaging for transporting extremely valuable items. Combining state-of-the-art CAD/CAM designing and our large-format plotters, Abbott-Action can provide you with working prototypes where all the “bugs” can be worked out of the project and the best printing process can be determined. This process builds the confidence to take the project into final production.

Graphic Development

Many of our corrugated solutions end up in retail environments where the package or display sells the product in addition to storing it. Abbott-Action’s graphic design experts are ready to help make you corrugated boxes or display functions into a value-added sales and marketing tools. Using the most current design software, our professional packaging designers produce layouts which are applied to prototypes. The finished prototype then resolves image, copy, and branding issues, while also meeting the manufacturing and budget standards set by the customer and the end-user environment.

Product Photography

Abbott-Action has invested in state-of-the-art photography equipment and training to help you with any and all your photography needs.

ISTA Testing Lab

Our in-house ISTA Testing Lab (International Safe Transit Association) validates the product designed for your specific needs will survive the normal shipping and distribution environment process.