Custom Corrugated POP Displays

From the simplest ballot box, counter display, PDQ and dump bin to the most complex corrugated floor stand, hanging display and pallet display, Abbott-Action will custom-design your corrugated POP display to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our thought process is to begin with communication between your team and our team. From our account executive to our structural engineers and team of graphic artists to CAD specialist everyone must understand what the objective is for your display.

Some questions to consider before the process begins:

  • Is this display expected to last under six months (if expected to last longer than six months perhaps a semi-permanent display would be worth consideration) Will the display be inside or outside;
  • What are the retailer’s specifications for a display;
  • What is the footprint of the display;
  • Should the corrugated display be single sided, double sided, stationary or spinning;
  • Will the display be s self shipper;
  • Does the display need to be a pack, ship and stock display;
  • Ease of Assembly – who will be assembling;
  • Budget;
  • What is the message and who is the audience

Pertinent information from your team combined with our expertise and infinite imaginations will create an efficient sales tool guaranteed both structurally and graphically to effectively position your product.

Benefits of a Corrugated Display:

  • More efficient and more effective then metal shelves
  • Less expensive then metal shelves
  • Customizable
  • Easy to ship
  • Easy to assemble and move
  • Corrugated is environmentally friendly

Click to view samples of corrugated POP and POS Displays.