Standard & Custom Protective Packaging

For products that range from small, sensitive, scientific instrumentation to oversized equipment for aerospace and defense systems, the Protective Packaging Group at Abbott-Action has expanded to provide the most effective and efficient packaging and crating solutions that support today’s wide array of industries.

Examples of a few products we help our customers protect include:

  • Semiconductors, Computers, and Electronics
  • Aerospace and Defense Components
  • Medical Equipment and Devices
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Artwork and Museum Collections
  • Automotive Parts and Equipment

Custom & Standard Protective Packaging

We offer two types of protective packaging: custom and standard. Our custom solutions include innovative designs, comprehensive testing, and precision manufacturing to exact engineering specs; our standard line receives our same superior quality control and is available for less complex configurations.

For the most dependable results, we use wood, foam, corrugated, and other innovative combinations of materials; we also provide waterproof and vapor-proof barriers. In order to do our part to promote a healthier global environment, our non-manufactured wood is ISPM 15* compliant to meet export standards to the European Union, China, and Australia; we are also IPPC (International Plant Protection Commission) certified and authorized by NeLMA (Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association) to export crates stamped in compliance with ISPM 15.

Protective Packaging Services

Because packing and crating services are dependent on shipping and storage needs, our product knowledge and expertise enable us to achieve and exceed your goals and expectations. Some of these services include:

  • ISTA testing equipment for shock and vibration in-house
  • CAD assisted prototypes and short runs
  • Warehousing and JIT programs
  • Inventory management
  • Product evaluation and source reduction
  • Value added fulfillment and kitting
  • Computer generated CAPE Program to optimize space.

We Protect You and Your Goods

In addition, Abbott-Action streamlines the supply chain/delivery process to accommodate your needs while containing costs. We adapt to customer delivery needs for same day, next day, or just-in-time delivery, and develop and adjust strategies to work within your production schedule. That way, we protect you as well as we protect your goods.

With a steady eye on the future, we constantly update technology, software, equipment, and facilities, and we provide on-going support and training for our team of professionals.

We think our exceptional rate of customer satisfaction says it all: Whether blocking and bracing or packaging the most delicate valuables, Abbott-Action protective packaging solutions offer first-rate protection and unequalled peace of mind.

* Compliance ensures that manufacturers of non-manufactured wood products “…are not the means for introducing new pests to their trading partners.”


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