Semi-Permanent POP & POS Displays

If you need a POP display that will last 12-52 or more weeks – Abbott-Action would discuss the Semi-Permanent Display option with your team.

Semi-Permanent Displays are durable and can be made from any of the following materials or a combination of these materials:

  •  Wood
  •  Plastics
  •  Metal
  •  Acrylics
  •  Glass
  •  Laminated Wood

The same questions we ask when discussing your corrugated POP display needs are also pertinent when deciding whether you should choose a semi permanent display.

Benefits of a Semi-Permanent Display:

  • Display will last 12-52 weeks or more (if expected to last less a corrugated display may be worth consideration)
  • Material is Durable
  • Can be used in multiple programs
  • Easy to ship
  • Easy to assemble

 Click to view samples of Semi-Permanent POP Displays.