Corrugated Packaging Solutions

Abbott-Action creates a corrugated packaging system, not just a corrugated box. We strive to understand your business and study your needs to determine how our final custom packaging design can protect, store, ship, and sell your product while increasing your ROI.

From a plain brown box to custom-made corrugated retail packaging, we have the knowledge, resources, and breadth of experience needed to complete your project.

We start our corrugated packaging projects by engaging in an open dialog with your team, where we gather in-depth information about the life cycle of your desired product. We discuss the product itself, the purpose for packaging, and its final destination. Our structural engineers and designers work cohesively to research and evaluate your corrugated packing product while keeping in mind any budgetary concerns.

Plain Brown Box or Custom Packaging

There is nothing plain about a brown cardboard box. Each box is made to solve a unique problem. The variations and the combination of variations ensure your box will be best suited for your product. A few of the variances include:

  • Style – We can design and create a wide-range of corrugated box styles. From the Regular Slotted Container (RCS) – the most common box style; to the Snap or 1-2-3 Bottom Container with Tuck Top – for small volume shippers who do not have automatic set-up equipment; to the Telescope Box – that consists of a separate top, or top and bottom, that fit over each other or a separate body – to name a few;
  • Interior Forms – Not only is the exterior of a corrugated package vital, the interior packaging designs are also critical. We can produce liners, tubes, pads, build–ups, dividers, partitions and various other packing pieces used to separate or cushion product and strengthen the box;
  • Protective packaging for valuable items in transport;
  • Stacking and compression strength;
  • Mode of transportation – Motor freight, rail, ship, air, Legal consideration such as if the product is hazardous;
  • Manufacturing and assembly requirements of both product and package;
  • End user of product (your client)

Packaging sells – it’s that simple. Creating a retail package that catches the eyes of the consumer isn’t simple. That’s where we come in as your corrugated box manufacturer.

Remember the last time you were in a store and asked yourself how many shelves could your eyes scan in ten seconds? Quite a few – right? Unless you’re looking for a specific product – when do your eyes stop scanning and really take notice of a product? Usually, it is the packaging that first grabs the consumers’ attention. Without a WOW! retail package, your product will be one of hundreds and thousands that the eye scans but the package never captures. Leave it to us to produce creative store displays and custom corrugated packaging.

Our team of graphic designers bring into play colors, fonts, images, messaging, emotions and imagination to create WOW! retail packaging. They keep the branding message intact and consider the environment of where the package will be placed and the demographics of the audience the retail package is intended to entice.