Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated Packing Solutions

We strive to understand your business and study your needs to determine how our final custom packaging design can protect, store, ship, and sell your product while increasing your ROI. From a plain brown box to custom-made corrugated retail packaging, we have the knowledge, resources, and breadth of experience needed to complete your project.

Each box is made to solve a unique problem. The variations ensure your box will be best suited for your product. A few of the variances include:

  • Style -We create a wide range of corrugated box styles
  • Interior Forms –The exterior and interior of a corrugated package are vital
  • Protective packaging for valuable items in transport
  • Stacking and compression strength
  • Mode of transportation – Motor freight, rail, ship, air, legal consideration
  • Manufacturing and assembly requirements of both product and package
  • The end use of the product

Ecommerce Packaging

Let us help solve all of your ecommerce packaging problems!

As e-commerce continues to evolve and online purchases increase, delivering a complete brand experience extends beyond just the actual product. Figuring out how to stand out amongst your competition is key to any business’s success.

Collage_ECOM copy

52 % of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases
from an e-retailer that delivers orders in premium packaging. *dotcom distribution


56% of last year’s retail sales
were e-commerce sales. *


62% of consumers will pay more
for a simple experience. *Marketing Weekly


Abbott-Action's print capabilities provide our clients

with the most advanced direct print flexography & digital in the Northeast!

The Solution

At Abbott-Action we’re able to help you achieve all of your ecommerce packaging needs with the First Single Pass 6 Color Double Sided Rotary in the Northeast and the largest Direct to Digital Printer in the USA we are able to help meet all of your needs under one roof. From Low Volume, High Resolution graphics to High Volume and Speed to market we are your premier packaging partner in the Northeast.