Protective Packaging

Custom & Standard Protective Packaging

We offer two types of protective packaging: custom and standard. Our custom solutions include innovative designs, comprehensive testing, and precision manufacturing to exact engineering specs; our standard line receives our same superior quality control and is available for less complex configurations.

Abbott-Action streamlines the supply chain/delivery process to accommodate your needs while containing costs. We adapt to customer delivery needs for same day, next day, or just-in-time delivery, and develop and adjust strategies to work within your production schedule.

  • Mil-Spec Compliant Packaging
  • Export Packaging & Crating
  • On-Site Packaging & Crating
  • Dangerous Goods / HazMat
  • Custom Design
  • Clean-Room Packaging
  • Custom Foam Inserts

Protective Packaging
For products that range from small, sensitive, scientific instrumentation to oversized equipment for aerospace and defense systems, the Protective Packaging Group at Abbott-Action has expanded to provide the most effective and efficient packaging and crating solutions that support today’s wide array of industries.

Some of the products we offer protective packaging for include:

  • Semiconductors, Computers, and Electronics
  • Aerospace, Military, and Defense Components
  • Medical Equipment and Devices
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Artwork and Museum Collections
  • Automotive Parts and Equipment

Wood Crating

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Wooden Crates

Our wooden crate packaging products can be customized to fit your container needs. From products that range from small scientific instruments to fine art, to commercial, industrial, and even military items, our protective packaging wood crates will be the perfect solution. You can relax knowing your valuables will arrive at their destination fully intact with our protective wood shipping crates.

In addition to our vast protective packaging design & creation capabilities, Abbott-Action streamlines the supply chain/delivery process to accommodate your needs and help you stay within budget.