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Custom Corrugated Display Solutions

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Inside-Outside Printing E-Commerce Solutions

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Point-of-purchase or point-of-sale displays are designed to bring more attention to your product. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be designed for most any type of product.


With a variety of board thicknesses and finishes available, our corrugated packaging rivals the beauty of any retail package on the market today with the strength and durability of a corrugated box.


Build your brand with our array of customizable e-commerce packaging options that are durable enough to survive shipping but also visually dazzling for the ultimate unboxing experience.


Experts in The Field of Digital Printing

Driven by our commitment to excellence, in 2015 we acquired the largest and fastest six-color UV digital printer in the United States. The Barberán Jetmaster 1890, a direct-to-substrate printer from digital file – meaning no plates – is a six-color printer – CMYK + orange and violet, chosen specifically to extend the Pantone color gamut – can print up to 70,000 sq ft per hour. It’s a single pass, large-format, production speed digital printer that produces stunning litho-like quality images at 360 dpi. This cutting-edge technology, together with our expert team of digital professionals, not only simplifies the design process, but provides our customers with the highest quality product on the market.

The acquisition of our Barberán Jetmaster 1890 and the great pride we feel in being able to bring our customers the fastest, most efficient, and richest print quality in the Northeast is why we have fondly named our Jetmaster “The Beast From The East”.  The response has been so positive that since January of 2017, we have converted 99% of our litho clients to this award-winning technology. 

“When we need an innovative design solution, Abbott-Action’s designers always meet the challenge head on and come up with a design that exceeds our expectations. Their service and quality are top notch, and we would highly recommend them to anyone who is in search of a supplier of custom packaging or corrugated displays.”

— William A., Display Purchasing

Our Commitment to Sustainability and the Future of Our Planet.

When Abbott-Action relocated its manufacturing facility in 2013 from Canton, Massachusetts to Attleboro, Massachusetts – a facility built in the late 1960’s – we understood renovations would be necessary. However, from planning through production, we were insistent that a keen focus be kept on sustainability. In a short time, we have made enormous strides in reducing our carbon footprint and eliminating a significant number of greenhouse gasses. The figures below represent just a small part of the impact we have made with our sustainability initiatives.


Electric Cars Charged


Gallons of Gasoline Saved


Tons of CO2 Emission Avoided

2 hours

Coal Power Plant Offset

Why Work With Us?

We’re always looking for new ways to improve what we offer to our customers. Our commitment to exceptional customer service, sustainability, and innovative design makes us the leaders throughout New England for packaging and e-commerce products. We also serve clients across the country with comprehensive display solutions for their product lines. No matter what type of products you need to package or display, we go far beyond basics to create the perfect complement. No other corrugated cardboard manufacturer in this space has what we have to offer, so reach out to us today.