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Structural Design

Structural Design is where most projects begin here at Abbott-Action Packaging. Account representatives work closely with our team of structural designers to determine the structure that will work best to ship or display your product. From there, structural designers, using CAD software and sample cutting tables, configure and build an unprinted prototype for your consideration. If the design meets your approval, we move on to the Graphic Design and Prepress Department to apply graphics to your structure.

Graphic Design and Prepress

Our Graphic Design and Prepress Department specializes in making sure your packaging or display’s printing meets with your approval. They systematically prepare the project files, combining structural dielines with print files, making sure everything is aligned and colored to get the best possible results when it goes into production. Once the files are prepped and ready to go, we supply you with a fully printed color sample for you to sign off on. If you are satisfied with the color, we then use this sample as the standard to match when going into production.

3-D Renderings

If you’d like to see how your packaging will look from all sides before going into production, or your organization needs a more thorough understanding of how your display will look when finished, we can create a 3-dimensional rendering to bring your packaging or display to life. Using the structural dieline you have approved, the artist creates a rendering fully assembled and completely dressed with your proposed graphics. In this way, you have the opportunity to see exactly what your display will look like from most any angle and resolve any issues before moving forward. 

Sample Cutting

When designing a solution for your project, structural designers use CAD software to determine the dielines needed to create a structure. To then verify all the panels align and assemble properly, our sample department takes those dielines to one of our Esko high-performance digital cutting tables to cut and assemble a prototype using the very corrugated substrate suited to hold your product.  This gives the structural designer – as well as you, the customer – the opportunity to fully review and test the physical structure prior to moving on to production.


Testing is an important part of our process at Abbott-Action Packaging. We perform tests throughout the development process to verify every product meets the functional, performance, and design requirements identified at the onset of the project. The nature of the tests range from structural; such as the Mullen/Burst Test and the Edge Crush Test (ECT), which test the strength and durability of a container, to aesthetic; such as color evaluation with a spectrophotometer, which helps achieve consistent color throughout the duration of your production run. And did we fail to mention that we are an Amazon APASS certified vendor? This means we can test, design and supply packaging in line with Amazon’s Packaging’s Certifications!


Once your structures have been produced, we have a number of options to assist you in delivering your product to market. We can completely assemble the units for you to fill at your distribution center, or ship them to you knocked-down flat to be assembled at your location. From 50 to 50 thousand units, we are a dependable resource to help you complete your delivery, however and whatever your needs may be. In full, or in part, we are here to assist you in ensuring the success of your project.

Here is a list of some of the assembly services we provide:

  • e-commerce units requiring assembly
  • p.o.p. floor displays, endcaps, and sidekicks
  • counter displays and PDQs
  • pallet displays, full, half, and quarter.


Need to outsource your fulfillment?  We can also assist you with that process. As part of our commitment to providing you with a streamlined experience, we can assist you with delivering your product to market. Whatever service you need to drive your order to completion, we have the resources and expertise to ensure that your product arrives on time and within budget!  Instead of stressing over the coordination of all of the critical details yourself, why not let the pros who specialize in coordinating these details worry about it for you? 

Here is a list of just some of the services we offer:

  •  planning and logistics
  •  merchandise display stocking
  •  cartoning and securing goods with inserts for shipping
  •  e-commerce packing and distribution
  •  labeling, shipping and tracking, anywhere in the U.S. and Canada