Art Requirements

File Setup

  • Adobe Illustrator files preferred (as layered .ai file)
  • Dieline should be placed on one layer only (all print graphics on other layers)
  • File should be 100% scaled to size
  • Document Color Mode must be saved as CMYK (not RGB)
  • Include all image links (150 ppi minimum at 100%)
  • All type and line art as vector preferred (vs. rasterized)
  • Do NOT use any overprints
  • NO trapping is needed (our digital printer doesn’t use plates)


  • Include all fonts and leave as fonts (DO NOT outline)
  • Small type must be at 8pt minimum
  • Small black text and black lines must be set to 100% K (black)
  • White text must be at 10pt minimum
  • 0.25 white stroke must be added on white text (to keep ink from filling in)

Custom Colors

  • Leave pantone (PMS) colors as spot colors in files
  • We accept L.A.B. values and customer supplied swatches (choose any color target, make it a spot color and give it a
    custom name)
  • Any large solid black areas should be set as a spot color called: “AA Rich Black”
  • Any large solid areas with ink should be filled in with patterns


  • All barcodes must have a 12 mil. bar width reduction
  • Make barcodes 100% K (black)
  • UPC-A minimum size of 120%
  • ITF minimum size of 40%

Bleeds and Edges

  • 3/8” bleed past the cut lines (knockout areas outside the bleed)
  • Keep images and text 1/4” away from the cut/fold lines
  • If file includes a link, make sure there is enough image to reach the 3/8” bleed

IMPORTANT: Please collect all of the fonts and links in your art file with one click using any Adobe program. File>Package