The 30 Second Display

Brands face many obstacles with displays in the POP and POS market. Cost and execution are the largest.

Typical displays are labor-intensive, poorly executed at the retail level, hard to put into the recycling stream, and costly to customize. Our engineers sought out a solution by engineering a display that eliminates these grievances.

Introducing The 30 Second display–the greenest, strongest display on the market without plastic clips or metal support bars. Designed exclusively out of corrugated material, with high-impact graphics and easy shopability, to help pull product and deliver a higher ROI. 

Why is it called The 30 Second Display? Its ease of assembly takes under thirty seconds to complete, which means you save time on labor and ensure proper execution at the store level. Its industry-breaking strength and design flexibility means that you can finally highlight your product on a display without the headache, time, and costs that were required before. 

Here are the top 4 benefits of The 30 Second Display for your product:

1. Strength

The 30-second display, designed to have 3-5 shelves, can hold a maximum of 40lbs per shelf. Each shelf can hold a full case of liquor or a case of ready-to-drink beverages. Shelf weight can be increased to hold more weight if required. The 30 Second All-in-One Display (currently in development) will allow brands to display multiple sizes (1.75L, 1L, Quart, and Nips) so you’re no longer limited to choose just one product. 

2. Minimal Labor

Brand marketers in the retail industry have up-front costs that include the labor of putting together complicated displays. The 30-second display comes to the retail floor ready to assemble and takes an extremely small amount of time (under thirty seconds) to put together. 

3. Customizable

The display is designed to meet your brand’s needs. It’s designed to be a destination to highlight products no matter where it’s placed. Here are just some of the ways that The 30 Second Display can amplify your product, branded accessories, and commingled products:

  • Customized header cards
  • Resizable shelves
  • Offered in different shapes and sizes
  • QR Code Track & Trace Technology 

4. Green

The elimination of any plastic or metal supports for assembly means that when it’s time to be broken down, the entire display can go directly into the corrugated recycling stream. Our 30 Second Display is manufactured with 100% solar-power material. 

We’re Your Solutions Provider

Our history of innovation means that you know you’re getting one of the most competitive products on the market. Our capabilities ensure that your display starts with the finest raw materials and is thoroughly monitored all the way to retail. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with your display needs, please get in touch.