Bring your Brand to Life with Stack-A-Wraps 3D Displays

Make your brand a destination with a display more unique than anything else on the market. Our patented 3D Stack-A-Wrap display technology is an affordable 100% sustainable alternative to plastic vacuum-formed technology.  3D displays bring your brand to life like nothing else.  With flexible sizing, an increased speed to market, and track-and-trace technology, this new innovation will set your brand apart from your competitors.

Flexible Sizing: Bending Paper Beyond What It’s Expected To Do 

Our patented software can take your illustration, hi-res photo or actual product and make a 3D shape out of corrugated & paperboard materials, giving your brand endless possibilities for how you’d like to showcase your product. 

There are no sizing limitations and countless ways you can brand a single item or a family of products. Whether it’s a combination of wall signs, 3D headers, case stackers, pole toppers, or full-length displays, you can pick and choose how to present your product most effectively. 

Vac formed displays are known for their multiple month production times, hi-tooling cost and poor recyclability. Our award-winning sustainable facility produces 3D displays and packaging with 2600 solar panels, 150 skylights, LED lighting and our trench scrap system that won the 2017 AIM Award for Excellence in Sustainability. Increase your speed to market with a lead time that transforms your design into a ready-to-assemble 3D Display within just one month. 

Real-Time Track and Trace Technology

25% of retail displays do not get set up properly or at all! Abbott Action Packaging partnered with a leading software company that enables QR code and scanning technology to provide GPS real-time store-level execution.

When it comes to seasonal displays, whether for holidays, sporting events, or other time-sensitive occasions, it’s vital that your brand is set up at the optimal time. Ensure that your displays are assembled and put away during the relevant period needed to draw the most attention to your product.   

Make sure your brand is a destination with a display that draws attention unlike anything else in the market. Reach out today to talk to our packaging experts and we can start designing the best 3D displays for your product.